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Bio:  Debra Lynn Burton

Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Burton blossomed with visual art talent early on, beginning with a career in advertising. She pursued formal education as an adult with a young family, graduating from Lakehead University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree;  also completing a Bachelor of Education degree, which underpinned a successful career as a teacher of fine arts. Later she was granted a fellowship to attend the M.Ed program at Brock University and focused on art and social issues. She is a certified Arts Educator Specialist as recognized by the Ontario Arts Council.


Noospheric, evolutionary, organic, and breathtaking are words often used to describe the work of longstanding artist Debra Lynn Burton (a.k.a. Debra McEachern-Burton). Burton is accomplished in a wide range of visual arts including oils, acrylic, gouache, 3D and digital painting. She has sold her work around the world and has had her work represented in Toronto and digitally displayed in Times Square. Accomplished in design she has illustrated published book covers, including for Oxford University Press.

Burton pursued yet another career in 2000 with a  post graduate diploma in 3-D animation from Sheridan College, leading her to produce a series of digital DVDs called Psychyl, aimed at providing psychological therapy and relaxation through visual and audio meditation media. Burton has been involved with digital art since early 1997, bringing an artistic maturity to the world of NFT's.

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