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Education:  H.B.F.A., B.ED.  Post Graduate Diploma - 3D animation. M.Ed. Program, Social and Cultural Contexts in Education

Work: Painter, Educator, Writer, Researcher, Facilitator

Debra Lynn Burton

Born in Thunder Bay, ON

Lives & works in the Niagara Region, ON


The noosphere digital works are inspired by a strong attraction to physics, biology, earth sciences, cosmology and metaphysics and the evolution of these in human thought and social contexts.

Much of my work is fictioned from energetic references to the science stories about the origin of the universe, the creation of earth, its elements and properties.  The pieces tend to be more surrealistic though non-objective in nature, full of parabolic movement, watery references, spherical elements, very much  'feminine' principles. The works are generally conceived and then through an intuitive process, balanced with movement, colour and light.

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